Bamyian Master Plan: preliminary results presentation

A mission of LaGeS staff has been carried out in Kabul and Bamyian (Afghanistan) from the 21st to the 28th of June 2018. Public presentations and meetings were held with the major local institutional counterparts (Minister of Urban Development, Governor, Mayor, University, Civil Society actors and others) in order to illustrate and share the preliminary results of the Bamyian Master Plan that have been obtained also with the support, for field data collection, of the “Master in Urban Analysis and Management” students. Bamyian city, according to the applied demographic models, will double its population in the next twenty years and it is therefore fundamental that local administration is equipped with an adequate Master Plan to ensure, among other goals, a real protection and enhancement of the existing important cultural heritage. These aspects represented the main topics discussed during the meetings that also dealt with a topic considered of the highest priority by local communities: the proposal of the path for road bypass which, diverting traffic from the city centre, contributes to archaeological sites protection, landscape conservation but also to the development of sustainable economic activities.